Around the Farm 2013 Around the Farm 2013 February snow 174053891 174053892 Cattle licking snow out of the feed bunk 174053893 174053894 Stan welcoming some baby pigs into the world 174055088 Afton changing a tire on the dry fertilizer spreader 174055089 Stan weighing some vitamins and minerals to add to the feed grinder to make a balanced diet for the pigs 174055090 Art and Ken insulating an outdoor cattle water during a mini blizzard 174055091 Stan and Ken picking stones 177765333 Art, Stan, and Ken picking stones in the inclement weather 177765334 snowing, blowing, freezing, stone picking, there is a lot going on in this picture... 177821542 Knee high by the 4th of July Hooray for a good year for crop production! 186704514 We spent a lot of time in the summer months making improvements to our barns. In this picture the sows are inspecting the new flooring. 186704515 We also added some windows, insulation, and new steel to another barn. 186705036