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GREAT NEWS, we now have BARLEY STRAW for sale!

Barley straw is known for its ability to control algae growth. It is often put into ponds in the early spring to prevent them from becoming "scummy." It can also be added to livestock waters to control the amount of algae growth.

According to research conducted and compiled by Purdue University, it works best when applied in early spring and lasts for around six months. Because the straw does not kill existing algae but prevents or reduces the amount of algae growth, it is best to add it to ponds and other stagnant waters early in the growing season.

Here at Blight Farms we are offering easy-to-handle packages of barley straw. If you contact us with the size of your water-way we can recommend the appropriate amount of barley straw to meet your needs. Contact Afton through Blight Farms Facebook page or email [email protected]