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Feeding Our Family and Yours

The AGknowledge Farm Exhibit is complete!

Blight Farms Inc. and other area farmers and ag businesses have partnered with Kids N Stuff children's museum of Albion, MI to provide an agriculture exhibit that is relative to farming today.

Kids N Stuff (KNS) hosted 18,000 children, parents, and teachers last year. From Portage to Adrian, and everywhere in between, groups and schools come from across southern Michigan to enjoy their educational exhibits.

Thanks to our many sponsors and volunteers we where able to provide KNS with an informative, interactive exhibit. As you can see in the photos there are posters that explain what a corn and soybean plant look like and products made from those resources. As well as a map of Michigan which highlights key commodities grown in each county.

The John Deere tractor cab was repaired and adapted to allow the kids to spin the steering wheel and move levers.

The belt-veyor can be used to hand crank large corn and soybean seeds into the bulk bin. Then, those stored commodities can be transported to the livestock feed buckets.

There are two livestock water troughs filled with "dirt" in which the kids can drive around some of the latest farming equipment.
Another important segment of the exhibit is the farmer posters. Farmers from different types of farms in southern Michigan answered a few questions about their family businesses to inform the community about what a career in agriculture involves.
The exhibit looks great and is fully installed thanks to many volunteers and donors. We appreciate your help in spreading information about Michigan's diverse agriculture businesses and hope the community will find the exhibit enlightening and enjoyable.

To get more information about Kids N Stuff Children's Museum and their other exhibits please visit: