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Blight Farms Meat Purchasing Details

Here are some details about making a Blight Farms meat purchase:

•To place an order, email or call Afton at 517-488-4938

•We accept cash, check, Paypal and Venmo. There is a convenience fee of 3% for using the Paypal and Venmo options.

•The animal must be paid for before we deliver it to the butcher. 

•All orders must be picked up in person. We do not ship meat or deliver it at this time.

•You get to decide how you want your meat cut! It’s not as complicated as it sounds. All you have to do is call the butcher and they will walk you through the most common cuts and the desired thicknesses. Please keep in mind that value added processes such as smoking meat, making bratwursts, and requesting hamburger patties instead of one-pound packages, will all add to the overall butcher/processing cost.

•The butchers we use all vacuum seal packages.

•You will be called when your meat is ready to be picked up which is typically about two weeks after it was delivered.

Pork: Average processing costs for a pig are $280.

Yield: 150 pounds of packaged meat

Ham Products (28 lbs)

Fresh, cured and smoked ham

Ham steaks

Ham hocks

Pork Loin Products (23 lbs)


Pork chops

Loin roast


Baby Back Ribs

Bacon (23 lbs)

Pork Shoulder Products (21 lbs)

Fresh or smoked Picnic

Pork Steak

Boston Butt Roast

Smoked Hocks

Smoked Shoulder Bacon

Spareribs (6lbs)

Trim (45 lbs)

Ground pork

Pork sausage


•Beef: Average processing costs for a ½ steer are $300.

Yield: approximately 250 pounds of packaged meat (about a medium chest freezer)

14 packages of chuck, arm, and rump roasts (3-10lbs each)

16 pounds of Rib steak

24 lbs of t-bone steaks

6 lbs of porterhouse steaks

2 lbs of tenderloin steaks

24 lbs of round steaks

9 lbs of sirloin steaks

6 lbs of stew meat

75 lbs of ground beef

Contact information for Marshall Meats:

14995 15 Mile Road

Marshall, MI 49068

(269 )589-7711

Still have questions? Email or call Afton at 517-488-4938

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